APS News

April 2004 (Volume 13, Number 4)


Westward Ho: April Meeting Descends on Denver
More than 1000 physicists will be on hand for the 2004 April meeting. A special public lecture Saturday evening, May 1, on how the sun shines.
San Diego Hosts Second Biophysics Workshop
Opportunities in Biology for Physicists: Bio-informatics, quorum sensing among conference highlights.
Riordon Takes Over Media Relations Post
James Riordon replaces David Harris as APS director of media relations.
Several APS Members Receive Honors
Various and sundry honors were heaped recently on APS members.
Physics Students Benefit from Virtual Study Lounge
The Nucleus gives students access to the latest in physics research
New Science Needed to Achieve Hydrogen Economy, says APS Panel Report
POPA concludes that significant scientific breakthroughs are needed for the Bush Administration's $1.2 billion Hydrogen Initiative to succeed.
Cooper is New OPA Fellow
The APS has hired David Cooper at a science policy fellow in its Washington office..
Four Divisions in Sweeping Attack on Neutrinos
Four APS divisions have undertaken a sweeping study of neutrino physics, hopefully setting priorities and laying the groundwork for the field over the next few years
APS Helps Local Organizers in State Battles on Evolution
Several states are reviewing textbooks and scientific standards with an eye towards intelligent design.
Issues and Actions
Research Funding — Defense — Energy & Environment — Education Funding


Indian Physicist Incarcerated for Four Years — Plea for Help is a Cop-out — Zero Gravity Equals Zero Morality
Ask the Ethicist
Data manipulation detected by coworker
The Back Page
Physicists and traffic flow


Inside the Beltway: A Washington Analysis
Cracks begin to show in the GOP fortress.
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
The Historical Discovery of New Element, Orodruinium
This Month in Physics History
April 15, 1452: The Birth of a Visionary — Leonardo da Vinci

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