APS News

June 2004 (Volume 13, Number 6)


International Physics Community Joins Forces for 2005 World Conference in South Africa
Physics and sustainable development a key theme as World Year of Physics approaches.
Innovation Task Force Unveils New Advocacy Campaign
Initiative seeks to reverse decline in federal investment in basic research.
APS Council Approves Statements on Subordinates and on Referencing
Statements serve to provide further ethical guidance to physics community.
APS Council Honors George Pake
Eminent pioneer of nuclear magnetic resonance died March 4.
Integral Looks at the Cosmos Through Gamma Glasses
Gamma rays give scientists a new window into the formation of elements in the universe.
QuarkNet Brings Research Experience to the Hight School Classroom
Participating teachers fine new ways to integrate high-energy physics into their lesson.
Laser Science, Quantum Optics Featured at 2004 CLEO/IQEC Conference
New break diagnostics, space shuttle foam among meeting highlights.
Senators Sign Letter Calling for More DOE Funding
Bipartisan letter form 55 Senators requests 10% increase for Office of Science.
Closing In on The Mysterious Dark Matter?
Scientists report first CDMS-11 results at April meeting.
APS, AAPT Appoint Joint Task Force on Graduate Education
Members will examine trends that may be contributing to the fragmentation of the physics community.
Two-Day Los Alamos Event to Honor Oppenheimer
Physics community to gather in celebration of 100 years since Oppie's birth.
Butterflies, Tornadoes, and Time Travel
Blockbuster film introduces moviegoers to chaos theory.


Stronger Stand Needed on Evolution — Suppression of Thought is Alarming — Sleep-Retardant Column OK with Her — Orodruinium: the Story Continues — Who Sponsors Bob Park?
The Back Page
Science, Government, and the Public Interest
Inside the Beltway: A Washington Analysis
Physics in the headlines, but not inthe usual way.
Readers Bash Beltway Column
As a registered lobbying organization, the APS advocates for increased support for science, and for other public positions expressed in statements of the APS Council.


Members in the Media
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