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January 2005 (Volume 14, Number 1)


Tampa To Host 2005 April Meeting
About 1500 physicists will head to the Sunshine State for the latest in astrophysics, particle physics and nuclear physics research.
We Know, We Know… He's German
Gremlins blamed for historical inaccuracies.
The Twin Paradox, Redux
Two Einsteins mysteriously showed up at a December meeting.
APS Report Says Moon-Mars Initiative Jeopardizes Important Science Opportunitites
Shifting NASA priorities will lead to neglect of more promising space science research.
Joint Unit Neutrino Study Sets Research Priorities
Top priorities for future neutrino physics research should be a program to search for neutrinoless double-beta decay.
Council Articulates Vision for APS
Mission statement is just one element of Society's long-range planning activities.
Cohen to Stress Outreach, Continuity in 2005
An interview with incoming APS President Marvin Cohen.
APS, AAPT and AIP Sponsor Students at WYP Kickoff Event
Four former Olympiad team members will join 1000 physicists in Paris, France, for "Physics for Tomorrow" conference.
Plasma Window 'Force Field' Featured at 2004 DPP Meeting
Wakefield accelerators and Z-pinch X-rays among technical highlights in Savannah, Georgia.
APS California Section Holds Fall Meeting
Colloidal particle clusters, Square Kilometer Array among highlights.
AIP Reports Upturn in Number of Physics Graduate Students
Numbers are highest since 1994.
Insect Flight, Modeling Blood Flow Highlight 2005 DFD Meeting
Seattle conference features special tribute session for Bill Reynolds.
APS Seeks Endowment for Sakharov Prize
Prize will recognize leadership and achievements of scientists who uphold human rights.
Fellows and Board Members Mix it Up
APS Executive Board hosted a reception for APS Fellows in the Seattle area.
Einstein in the 21st Century
A Paul Dlugokencky cartoon.


More to "Einstein in the 21st Century" than Science — Need More Anti-Matter than NASA Thinks — Cormack Spent Career at Tufts — Caltech Ivy Stays on the Ground — ID, OEC and YEC: Beware Them All
Inside The Beltway: A Washington Analysis
Time for Building Bridges.
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Outreach is an Orphan.


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This Month in Physics History
Einstein and The Photoelectric Effect

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