APS News

August/September 2000 (Volume 9, Number 8)


APS Selects 15 New Minority Scholarship Recipients
New scholars continue program's tradition of quality and excellence for minority undergrads.
New Look for APS News
The American Physical Society has a new logo.
New Task Force Increases Awareness of Physicists with Disabilities
Looking for ways to improve accessiblity at meetings for the Society's disabled members.
World's Top Science Students Gather for 2000 ISEF
Physics projects take top honors.
Physicist/Mountaineer Summits World's Highest Peak
OPA's Francis Slakey conquers Mount Everest and lives to tell about it.
Stranger Than Fiction: The Novelization of Physics
Tips from two popular authors on how to "sell" physics to the public through fiction.
RHIC Facility Begins Operations with a Bang
First images reveal what happens when gold ions collide.
DPF Honors French-Vietnamese Physicist
In July, the APS Division of Particles and Fields presented a certificate of appreciation to Jean Trân Thânh Vân.
International Physicists Visit the White House
In June, participants in the first meeting of IUPAP's Working Group on Women in Physics toured the historic West Wing.


A Slip of the Pen — "Wrong-Way" Corrigan a Misnomer — Earth Science Can't Ignore Space — Bias Against Women in Physics Starts Early — Drug Czar Nominated for Flying Pig Award — Responses to Goodstein's Revolutionary Views on Physics Education — Is Hydrogen Hazardous? Two Views — Y2K Bug Really a Screw-Up
Viewpoint: End the Embargo
Alan Chodos calls for an end to a controversial practice in scientific magazines.
Viewpoint: A Personal Account of the Los Alamos Cerro Grande Fire
Benjamin Gibson offers a personal account of the Los Alamos Cerro Grande fire.
Reader Question Phys. Rev. Standards
Editor-in-Chief Marty Blume responds to criticism.


Inside the Beltway: A Washington Analysis
Michael Lubell takes a hard look at the Congressional science budget.
International Desk
APS Fosters Closer Ties with Physicists in Cuba and Africa.
This Month in Physics History
September 1905: Einstein's Most Famous Formula
The Back Page
National Missile Defense - Too Important to Rush

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Editor: Alan Chodos
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