APS News

March 2012 (Volume 21, Number 3)


Biggest March Meeting Yet Covers Lots of Ground
More than 9,500 attendees are expected to show up for what is likely to be the biggest standalone March Meeting on record
Bill to Kill Open Access Mandate Sparks Debate
Conflicting legislation over open access requirements for federally funded research has sparked a conflagration of controversy
APS Outreach Website Features Exclusive Videos from Space
APS outreach and NASA have teamed up to make physics videos using original footage from the International Space Station
Panel Stresses Collaboration as Nanomaterial Use Surges
Physicists react to a recent report from the National Academy urging more research into the potential health impacts of nanomaterials
New Forum on Outreach Off and Running
APS’s new Forum on Outreach and Engaging the Public has held its elections and will hold its first sessions at the March Meeting in 2013
Chemistry Education Program Adopts APS Model
The American Chemical Society’s new education program is based on APS’s successful PhysTEC program
APS Awards Outreach Grants to Seven Creative Teams
Seven teams working to promote science and physics amongst the general public have received grants from APS
Murnane Chairs Selection Committee for National Medal of Science
APS Fellow is chosen to chair the search for recipients of the National Medal of Science
Molenkamp Takes Charge of Phys Rev B
Physical Review B gets a new senior editor; Laurens Molenkamp from the Universität Würzburg


Letters to the Editor
Textbooks Can Get It Wrong • Thanks for an Excellent Back Page • Fission Timeline Clarified • Benefits of a combined-fields background
The Back Page
Beyond the Endless Frontier: A 20th Century Model faces 21st Century Realities


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications
This Month in Physics History
March 6, 1913: Bohr describes his model of atom to Rutherford
International News
Brazil a Great Place to do Physics …and Other Things
The Washington Dispatch
A bimonthly update from the APS Office of Public Affairs

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