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Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science

2014 Ig Nobel Prizes Honor Banana-Shoe Interactions, Alimentary Alignment, and More
Pros and Cons
Detecting the Dark
The Haunting of the Snark: An Anxiety in 13 Bits
Schroedinger’s Cat
Quantum Computing
Little Known Physics History
The Academia Rat Race
What’s in a Name?
Ultraluminal Neutrinos
Conference Time
Caveman National Laboratories
Willebrord Snellius, also known as Willebrord Snel (or Snell) van Royen
Black Hole Leaves Science Fishing for Explanation
Careful When Asking Physicists for Directions...
Ig Nobels Presented in Wacky Ceremony
Discount Donny's Science Emporium
What's in the Box?
The Always Evolving Atomic Model
Physics Food
The 2009 Ig Nobel Prizes
Random Walks
New Black Hole Discovery
On the Impact of a 0.12 kg Apple with the Head
Ballpark Physics
The Appropriate Response
Nano in a Bottle
The Cartooniverse
Lunchtime at the LHC
Whatcha doing? Looking at my particle collider . . .
Principle of equivalence disproved
Santa Claus is a Physicist
If science were an Olympic sport
Physical Theories Made Magical
Vote in the APS Cartoon Caption Contest
"Dark Matter," music and lyrics by Jonny Berliner
Practical corollaries to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
Physics Caption Contest
SCI‑COPS to the rescue!
The 2007 Ig Nobel Awards
The Joy of Teaching ... but first....
APS News T-Shirt/Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest Finalists
Warnings accompanying your inflatable universe
The case of the missing time
Learning the laws of physics the hard way
Footnotin' Frenzy
Water in Zero Gravity
The uncertainty of cat molecules
Caltech Physicists Successfully Split The Bill
The 2006 Ig Nobel Prizes
Announcing the lucky winner of the physics crossword contest
Schroedinger's ghost writer
Find the hidden physicists!
Create your own physics crossword puzzle!
A Ridiculously Short History of Time
Little known conversion factors, explained
2005 Ig Nobel prizes
Why gravity was not discovered in Tahiti.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
2004 Pigasus Awards
Riordon's Lament
Einstein and Bohr get physical at the WYP gala (cartoon)
The Crackpot Index
Young Albert E. and the Miracle Year
The 2004 Ig Nobel Prizes
Haiku contest winners.
"Belleville" mystery solved.
When Physicists Cook, Watch Out!
The Physics of High Heels
A Brief Encounter with a Facilities Manual
Physics in Seventeen Syllables
The Historical Discovery of New Element, Orodruinium
The Renormalization Tribute Shocks Conferees
The Sleep-Retardant Properties of My Ex- Girlfriend
A highly theoretical discussion of curve balls.
The 2003 Ig Nobel Prizes
Woody Allen is strung out over the new physics.
Scientists Prove Kansas Flatter than a Pancake
Physics boot camp
Didja hear the one about.... celebrating the art of bad physics jokes
Putting Astronomical Budget Numbers in Perspective
Physics songs for the technically inclined
Top 10 (±2) Physics Pick-Up Lines (in randomized order)
The 2002 Ig Nobel Prizes.
The Improbable Science Writer and the Art of Rejection.
Investigation Pokes Holes in Periodic Table.
Scientist splits atom, finds toy prize inside.
Variations on a Theme by Dirac
Hair-raising tabletop fusion ruckus rocks small Massachusetts town.
Mad Scientists Give Way to Mad Capitalists
The Story of Schroedinger's Cat (An Epic Poem)
Mad scientist's love song.
2001 Ig Nobel Prizes
Secrets of Clichés Uncovered
Haggar physicists invent quantum slacks!
Feline Physics - All the physical properties of cats.
The APS Division Song
Rattle in Seattle Produces Earthquake Art.
A Fuga Really Big Numbers
A Cartoon by Paul Dlugokencky
Cartoon: "The Physics of Love"
The 2000 Ig Nobel Prizes
Cartoon: Heisenberg and his Uncertainty Principle.
An Alternative Theory for Perpetual Motion
Physicists Didn't Touch Ground in Something-apolis
Fourth annual Pigasus awards.
Pop "Cosmo Quiz:" How successful is your physics department?
The Physicists' Bill of Rights
Physics Product Warnings
Quantum Baseball
The 1999 Ig Nobel prizes.
A Conversation in Kansas
To Catch a Lion in the Sahara Desert.
How to tell if you're a physics major.
The Astronomer's Drinking Song
Good News for American Physicists
Our Favorite Net Myth
Winners of the Brain Teaser Limericks contest.
Love Boson Discovered on Valentine's Day
Article withdrawn at the request of the author.
1998 Ig Nobel Prizes Awarded at Harvard
Computer Adages
Brain Teaser Limerick Contest
Top Ten Star Trek Bloopers by Lawrence Klauss.
How to Give a Better Talk.
Useful Research Phrases
Why God never received a PhD
Recent Replies to Invitations to the APS Centennial
Darwin Award Winner
Improbable Researchers Gather for 1997 Nobel Prize Ceremony
Our Future Scientists
Hydrogen Beer
If Dr. Seuss were a Technical Writer...